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Wrestling to Catfight Rules

Nicki (Eng 130 lbs) vs Chloe (Eng 135 lbs)
Randi (USA 140 lbs vs Lita (USA 140 lbs)

Nicki and Debbie are both ex-Professional wrestlers who did not get on in the ring and have now decided it was time to get even. Both use verbal insults as they try to batter their opponent, hair pulling and many throws and holds are used by these two vixens. At the end the victor humiliates the loser, sitting naked on her!

Lita is featured in her first TPC match (shot 2 years previously) when she faced Randi in a 'no holds barred' match. Both women gave their best in an energetic match ending in a Knock-out sleeper hold.

Fully competitive all action matches.

47 minutes 209 megs. Just 21.95 U.S.

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