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Dominant Girls

Caren Cann (Canada) vs Jessica (USA)
Sue Scarlet (England) vs Alexis (USA)

Redhead Jessica is a 'Hustler' magazine cover girl and very confident, Caren is a tough girl from Canada who is 20lbs lighter but very enthusiastic. From the start the 'cover girl' is totally dominated as Caren steams in hard to take her apart. . Poor Jessica is just outclassed and well beaten by the younger Canadian lightweight.

Sue is not pleased with American Alexis who has been seeing her boyfriend. The two women clash and Sue soon dominates the slim American. Both are catfighters who really do pull hair. The fight ends with both stripped to just black tights and one helpless and well beaten.

2 matches showing dominating women at their best. After her beating Jessica has gone back to modelling!

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