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Catchweight Competitive Wrestling

Rachel Steele (5'6" - 150 lbs) vs Alexis (5'6" - 130 lbs)
Paula aka Rachel Steele (150 lbs) vs Dakota (130 lbs)

Women who really do love to wrestle and it shows as all try hard to win.

Rachel uses her weight to try to subdue her younger opponent but Alexis is hard to control. Rachel uses her heavy breasts as smother weapons. Many holds used. Rachel favours the folding pin and breast squeeze, Alexis the hair pull. Tough fast match between two top girls.

The second match is semi-pro style and it was Paula's first match. She struggles against a vastly experienced wrestler in Dakota who shows the new girl no mercy. Some great holds including bear hugs and a good body splash by Dakota on a tiring Paula.

Two quality bouts.

54 minutes | 237 megs. | Just 21.95 U.S.

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