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Novice Wrestling Domination Bouts

Trina (110 lbs) vs Serena (150 lbs) (novice match)
Serena (150 lbs) vs Alexis (130 lbs)

Two matches that pit a heavier girl against a lighter opponent.

Two of the girls are first time novice wrestlers. Serena is a powerful black girl who likes anything athletic. In her first match she takes on anotherr novice lightweight in Trina. The action is fast with each girl attempting holds. Trina gives her all against a far heavier opponenet.

In the second match Serena is happy to take on the lighter but far mor experienced Alexis. Serena tests Alexis who struggles against the powerful black girl. Serena literally wears Alexis out.

Two very enjoyable and totally real matches, these girls really do try and what they lack in technique they make up with enthusiasm. Novice girls with enthusiasm!

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