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Ebony & Ivory Challenge Clash


Diomond (5'6" - 135 lbs) v Karen (5'7" - 135 lbs)
Sicca (5'6" - 125 lbs) v Connie (5'7" - 135 lbs)

Two different challenge matches.

Diomond starts in a clinging black body suit against Karen in a red PVC skirt suit, underneath they both have on Adidas shorts then G-strings. It's a strip challenge, after each fall one piece of clothing is removed until they are down to their G-strings and a winner is declared.

Slim Sicca faces confident Connie in a semi-pro style topless match. Sicca tries very hard but is up against a heavier and dominant Connie who just loves to taunt her opponents.

Fast action in both matches.

57 minutes - 234 megs. Just 18.95 U.S.

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