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International Competitive Topless Wrestling

Devon Sanchez (5' 3" - 114 lbs Brazil) vs Liz Keane (5' 4" - 112 lbs USA)
Lisa Marie (5' 10" - 155 lbs New Zealand) V Candi Moore (5'6" - 130 lbs USA)
Sandy King (5' 3" - 125 lbs UK) vs Marie Gordon (5' 4" - 125 lbs UK)

All topless competitive matches introducing three New wrestlers.

Busty Devon is originally from Brazil but now lives in Miami, U S A. She faces slim young American Liz in the main bout. Superb action from two competitive wrestlers. This match features several long full face smother pins.

Lisa Marie, our New Zealand Amazon RETURNS! She faces American Candi who's a tough girl who defends well and makes Lisa Marie fight hard to keep her end up.

Popular and athletic Sandy is matched to challenge Norwich-based Marie. These two are evenly matched in experience and weight and an intense contest ensues.

With all the right ingredients this tape is highly recommended. Attractive and athletic females, all wrestling to WIN! Two matches in the ring, the third on mats.

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