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Topless Competitive Wrestling

Yasmin Sarah (5'7" - 112 lbs) England
Francesca Marino (5'6" - 130 lbs) Italy

Introducing a new wrestler from Italy: athletic and determined with a bubbly personality, Francesca will be a favourite with many enthusiasts.

This special challenge matched her against the lighter but aggressive Yasmin, who has proved that her slight frame hides inner strength, she improves with each match.

Francesca soon found herself defending hard against constant attacks from Yasmin, but defend she did, refusing to submit to some punishing holds that would have made most experienced wrestlers give in.

Francesca also managed at times to put Yasmin's pain threshold to the test,, using her concentrated training sessions to the full. Another quick learner.

This match was decided by the one submission after a long and excellent struggle. Many enthusiasts will want to see a rematch between these two and see Francesca take on other wrestlers.

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