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Mixed Wrestling

Susan Strong (5' 9" - 135 lbs) vs John (6' - 140 lbs)
Penny Smart (5' 7" - 135 lbs) vs Mark ( 6' - 155 lbs)
Stacey Lane ( 5' 4" - 120 lbs) vs Ian & John
Kara Fox ( 5' 9" - 147lbs) vs Mark
Anna & Kendra vs Steve

Some of our most popular wrestlers return in this good selection of bouts in the ring and on the mat.

Susan goes topless against John and gives her usual enthusiastic self.

Penny has her hands full in a hard match against Mark.

Popular Stacey first takes on Ian and after her victory leaves him tied up and helpless, but John comes to his rescue and soon finds himself tied to Ian as Stacey takes their photo!

Amazon Kara has a good match against the competitive Mark.

Anna and Scotish girl Kendra join forces in the ring to take on Steve, good teamwork by the two lighter girls.

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