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International Catfights

Rose (Texas) vs Racquel (New York)
Laurel (Maine) & Elizabeth (New York) vs Alexis (Virginia)
Sandy King (UK) vs Robyn King (UK)

Rose returns from holiday to find that a new 'maid' has been employed by her husband. Rose accuses her husband and Racquel of having an affair, which leads to a rough and tumble duel to settle the score.

Slim Elizabeth has been having neighbour problems since the brash and noisy Alexis moved in next door. Along with her friend muscle girl Laurel, Elizabeth decides to teach the busty blonde Alexis a lesson.

Step-sisters Sandy and Robyn, who have never been the best of friends, get to grips after Sandy interrupts and threatens Robyn during her workout. Robyn decides later to confront and settle the issue, inviting the unsuspecting Sandy round to teach her a lesson she will not forget!

Three quality and different matches featuring seven attractive women in different scenes.

| 62 minutes | 175 megs | Just 24.95! |

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