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Mixed Wrestling in the USA

  • Cindy & Racquel vs Tony
  • Devon & Shannon vs Sergio
  • Two matches shot in apartment settings featuring two females against one male in very dominant and different matches.

    Cindy and her partner Racquel form a popular and attractive team, topless wearing just G-Strings, against Tony in briefs. As both girls go against Tony together he stands no chance. Many holds are used but in particular both Cindy and Racquel take delight in using their feet on Tony's face as he is held down. Both use face pins effectively and Cindy tries a Boston Crab.

    Dark haired Devon and blonde Shannon, both dressed in shorts and short T-shirts are being watched by Sergio as they tussle. His comments are not received well and Devon attacks him showing off her strength. Halfway through, Devon hands over to Shannon as she dominates. Plenty of great pins by both females and at the end the well-beaten Sergio is completely pinned by both girls.

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