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Topless Competitive Wrestling

Gold Challenge Series
Terri Vixen (5'6" - 140 lbs) vs Luna Winter (5'10" - 135 lbs)

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Since her last 'Gold' challenge match (TPC 6/96) Terri has lost some weight, bringing her into the range of the popular Luna. This specially sponsored match was agreed to be up to 60 minutes with submissions and pins to a 10-count. Body oil was also added by both wrestlers to make it even harder! Wearing multi-coloured briefs, both wrestlers look extremely attractive and fit.

Because she had never met Terri before, Luna was in a more aggressive mood and soon proved to her opponent that she was going to put up a fight.

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Terri has improved with each match she has fought, becoming more powerful and very fit and is quick to learn and try new holds.

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Head and body scissors, chicken wing, grapevine, camel clutch and folding pin are used by both in this hard fight between two very fit wrestlers whose bodies glisten with oil and sweat in this super match. A long struggle and most enjoyable.

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