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The Susan Strong Souvenir Video

Susan Strong (5'9" - 128 lbs) vs Stacey Lane (5'4" 125 lbs)
Susan Strong (5'9" - 128 lbs) vs Kara Fox (5'10" - 147 lbs)

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An all-action competitive wrestling video starring the very popular Susan Strong in two hard fought topless matches, both in the ring.

The first match is the third and final bout against the equally popular Stacey Lane. Susan won the first, Stacey came back to dominate Susan and win the second encounter. Now it's for all the marbles!

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In the first match Susan (5'9" - 128 lbs) and Stacey (5'4" 125 lbs) show each other no mercy as they are very determined to prove who is the best. Many good strong holds shown with some super pins. Hair pulls and breast attacks are also used.

In the end one wrestler is completely dominant and she finally strips her opponent naked as the final humiliation.

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Match 2 shows new strong girl from New Zealand Kara Fox (5'10" - 147 lbs) take on a heavier Susan (now 141 lbs). This was Susan's final match and she had to put on weight to take on the heavier blonde. Another excellent match with Kara fighting hard and showing Susan no respect! One head scissors by Kara holds Susan for several minutes another neck stretch and combined leg hold has Susan in a pin and all tied up.

The match has nine falls in it leaving the winner to make the other give the match to end the struggle.

Susan has now retired after 10 years of wrestling so this is the chance to see her in some superb action.

77 minutes 231 megs. Just 24.95 U.S.

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