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Competitive Club Wrestling

Luna (Anglo/Italian) vs Heather (England)
Sophie (USA) vs Naomi (England)

From our Archive, two matches that show four wrestlers out to win.

Luna is now retired but is still popular and this match shows her pitted against a heavier opponent from Manchester, Heather. This brings out the very best from Luna and shows that she is not just a very attractive female, but she can wrestle! Heather is a dour tough girl who features in VCS 20 against Vicky in a bad tempered fight.

Sophie visited UK in 1997 and had several very good matches, remaining undefeated. In this match Naomi is the opponent and provides spirited opposition against the tough and talented American. This video is for enthusiast as the matches are competitive and all the girls have now retired so they are matches that cannot be repeated.

Worth collecting for the Intense action!

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